Optimize Your Workplace for Success & Wellbeing

raise your wellbeing coaching
wellbeing consulting

Transform your workplace for optimal performance and wellbeing.

personal development coaching

Address stress and burnout to ensure a thriving, productive team.

In synergy with our sister company, VGL & Co., we offer a comprehensive suite of consulting and coaching solutions designed to support your holistic business needs.

Whether you’re seeking guidance on streamlining operations, enhancing workplace culture, or promoting employee wellness, our collaborative approach ensures that you receive tailored solutions aligned with your goals and values.


Advisory Consulting Support 

Our  Advisory Services deliver expert strategic guidance and hands-on support to refine your  business, optimize management, and achieve sustainable growth.

Whether you’re looking to restructure, scale, or enhance your processes, receive the insights and assistance you need at critical junctures throughout the year.

Strategic Guidance: Insights and support for business refinement.

Management Optimization: Optimize management practices for sustainable growth.

Process Improvement: Enhance business processes for efficiency.

Employee & workplace wellbeing Workshops and Trainings

We prioritize your team’s wellbeing and overall workplace culture. Our tailored strategies address stress management, enhance work culture, and promote holistic employee wellness. Our workshops and trainings focus on the mind-body connection and overall wellness, providing tools and strategies for effective stress management.

Inclusive Culture Training: Workshops on bias, cultural competence, and inclusive leadership.

Wellbeing Programs Development:  Mental Health Initiatives and policies including mindfulness training and stress management workshops.

Holistic Wellness Workshops: Focus on the mind-body connection and provide strategies for effective stress management.

    Organizational Optimization

    Unlock your business’s potential with our organizational optimization services. We assess your processes to find and fix inefficiencies, helping your team work at their best

    Process Efficiency Analysis: Identify and streamline inefficient processes.

    System and Structure Optimization: Improve your systems and organizational structures for better performance.

    Our goal is to enhance your operations, making them more efficient and supportive for your team.

    Customized Consulting Solutions

    Our tailored consulting solutions address specific wellness and operational challenges, offering flexible packages to meet your needs.

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    Kind words from Clients

    The intuition to know what what serving me and what wasn’t was right in front of me all along.  Vee helped me see that I was not serving my clients, or myself by holding back on my true purpose. I am no longer overworking, taking care of my wellbeing and business.


    Creative, Photographer

    The discretion and professionalism given was superb. In an industry where intuition and coaching is not always seen as a direction for support, having Veronica not only be a supportive guide during my career transition but one that provided full anonymity and discretion is unheard of in my circles.


    CMO, Mfg Company

    Veronica helped me focus on the skills and actions I needed to take to get to the next level. I had the answers all along!  I just had to recognize them and set those boundaries to take the time to get it done.

    Lou P.

    Director, Software Engineer Co.

    Verónica es una fuerza constante de apoyo y conocimiento para mí.Ella fue clave para llevar mi negocio al siguiente nivel.También me ayudó a contratar un equipo y construir la visión de la cultura que quiero en el futuro.

    Timoteo N

    Fundador, Empresa de fabricación