Hi there, I’m Veronica!



I help service-based Biz owners simplify their Biz operations & enhance their well-being, freeing time to enjoy the life they desire
I’m also a Momma, Wife, and Grandma! 

Inspired by my father’s entrepreneurship in the automotive services industry, as a 1st gen Latina I have built a diverse career spanning corporate roles in insurance and manufacturing equipment finance to owning a graphic design business. With over 20 years of experience, I am passionate about working with both professionals and entrepreneurs.

 I offer holistic, tailored business coaching and consulting, always with a focus on your well-being and simplifying your business to enjoy life more.

Veronica Larios

My Approach

My approach aligns your professional goals with personal fulfillment, always keeping your well-being in mind. Together, we create a synergy that aligns you and your business with your purpose, allowing you to achieve what brings you the greatest fulfillment while growing your business.

My training and education is the foundation in the services provided to clients: 

    • Bachelor’s in Organizational management
    • Masters in Psychology- Human Behavior Specialization
    • MBA and Phd graduate work completed
    • CLC Certified Life Coach certification, Master Executive Small Business Coach
    • HRCI HR certification
    • Diversity Equity & Inclusion & Women’s Entrepreneurship Certifications
    • NLP, Mindfulness, healing & Master Reiki  certifications and practitioner
    • Plus, I speak Spanish too!

Company Values & Mission

Our mission at Veronica Larios Co. is to empower entrepreneurs and small business owners to enhance their impact through holistic wellness and strategic coaching. We integrate wellbeing-focused strategies, personalized coaching, and tailored business solutions to help you achieve your goals without compromising on your values.

Holistic Wellbeing

We value the complete health and happiness of our clients. Our approach integrates physical, mental, and emotional wellness into every aspect of our work.

Personalized Empowerment

Each client’s journey is unique. We believe in empowering individuals through tailored guidance and support that recognizes their distinct needs and aspirations.

Integrity in Leadership

We uphold integrity, honesty, and ethical practices in leadership and business, encouraging these qualities in our clients and their teams.

Diversity & Inclusion

We champion inclusivity, working with clients across all gender identities and promoting a culture where everyone feels valued. Our commitment to diversity fuels innovation and strength within the businesses we support.

Causes we proudly support and encourage you to if you feel called for:


Feeding America