Build the strong leadership and team support that

won’t leave you overwhelmed.

That’s where I come in.

Hi I’m Veronica!

I am a Leadership Empowerment Consultant that helps professionals learn to lead and train small teams.

Growing up in Los Angeles, I watched my dad build his businesses in the automotive parts industry.

It started me on a journey of learning how different businesses operate from one-person operations to big companies with special departments for accounts and deliverables.


I’ve had lots of titles across several industries, and proud of them!

I worked in the Insurance industry for a few years.

I had a virtual freelance business working with entrepreneurs, helping them set up their online operations and teams.

I’ve worked in equipment finance, wearing  many hats – Customer Service,  Transaction Coordinator, Senior Finance Administrator to name a few.

I had an online invitation graphic design business I built and sold.

With this experience, I learned to document and streamline operations, support. With my entrepreneur and business experience I built teams specifically building and training small virtual teams. 

Along the way I  picked up the degrees  a bachelor’s in Organizational Management, a degree in Behavioral Science and Masters in Human Behavior.


Today I bring almost 2 decades of experience combined with education, I can support you in:

Team Building

Building a team is not just about hiring the first person that you like on paper. It is about finding the right people that will work best for your business and you, which is different for everyone.

Leadership Coaching

Once you hire a team, learn how to lead them so they can be high performing and motivated. With coaching you will learn to motivate, support and be the  LEADER and mentor they need.



A high performing team needs to know what to do and how to do it efficiently.  Get support in creating an organized team environment that helps build the support and system they can follow, be more productive and efficient.


With my experience, education and expertise I can support you to achieve your Leadership and team goals.

Get training and support to build a higher level of performance – for you, your team, your operations.

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