Welcome! I am Veronica Larios

An Executive Mentor Coach that shows mid-career professionals and entrepreneurs how to unlock their inner potential to align with their purpose & take themselves to the next level.

Growing up in Los Angeles, I watched my dad build his businesses in the automotive parts industry.

It started me on a journey of learning first-hand how different businesses operate from one-person operations to big companies with special departments for accounts and deliverables.


Veronica Larios

I’ve had lots of titles across several industries, and proud of them!

  • I worked in the Insurance industry for a few years.
  • Then, I had a virtual freelance business working with entrepreneurs.
  • I’ve worked in the equipment finance industry for over 17 years, wearing  many hats. My clients were in the manufacturing industry and businesses of all sizes, from the one-person shop to multi-million dollar organizations.
  • I had an online invitation graphic design business I built and sold

Yet at a certain point…. I almost burned out, not living authentically- with very little time for me. It was the autopilot, high performing day in day out routine. 

 It took me starting my business, leaving my day job and get coaching to be where I am today,  coaching and training mid-career professionals, business leaders and their teams. 

Along the way I picked up degrees in:

    • Bachelor’s in Organizational Management 
    • Masters in Psychology- Human Behavior Specialization
    • CLC Certified Life Coach
    • NLP Practitioner
    • Diversity & Inclusion certification
    • Mindfulness & Reiki practitioner
    • Plus, I also provide coaching and mentorship in Spanish

Now, I am here to help you. Live, work and enjoy life YOUR WAY.

Today I bring almost 2 decades of experience combined with education, I can support you in:

Individual Coaching

Working together with you helping you to identify your highest potential to reach your professional and personal goals for success.

Finding your Passion

Its not just about the paycheck. Get the support to level up in your career, or find the career or business that ignites that passion.

Mentorship Support

Get executive mentorship support in creating a high performing optimized workplace using a more holistic approach.

You have the power to create the change you want.

I am here to help you define what success means for you.

Working together, I do everything on my part to make this one of the best investments for you.

To learn more, book a free consultation to discuss if this executive coaching program is a right fit for you and how we can work together.


A Few Client Testimonials 

Working with Veronica has been amazing for me. She never judged me or made me feel that my goals were too big. She listened and was extremely supportive. I would recommend her to anyone that is looking to work with a supportive and understanding individual.

Without her support and motivation, I wouldn’t have been able to finish my first project. I will definitely be working with her in my future projects.

Ell Groves


Veronica has helped me increase my capacity to advance as a leader. Working together we mad a road map of what I was looking for to get to the next level.

The no nonsense accountability through this process assisted me in getting out of my own way and getting it all done.

A. Celeste

With Veronica as my coach I was able to clearly see what unrealistic expectations were and how they had been my worst enemy.  My days were filled with overdoing it, overcommitting professionally and personally and burning myself out. I started perceiving things differently, say yes when I wanted and a firm no when I didn’t.

I’ve reached new levels!

Pam Amara


We worked with Veronica as an Executive Consultant and WOW, it was such a joy to work with her and she kept on top of everything I needed.  I am so thankful for the help in coaching me and hiring my team.  It has made it so easy to work with while I’m living in Mexico and my team is across the US and Asia.

Debra Navarro

Navarro Accountancy

I needed a change but had had no clue where to start or begin. Veronica helped me kickstart my life.

This year, I left my corporate job and I finally have time to do the sabbatical year I dreamed about for so long.

Charlie W.

I've hired Veronica for a few months for coaching and its been a fantastic change in my career. Her demeanor is calm and comforting and its been a game changer for me!

I'm now working on putting together a team and we are working on my new goals. Can't wait!

Renee Long