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Coaching and Consultant support helping you achieve the goals you've been dreaming about.
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Hi there! I’m Veronica Larios

I am an Executive Consultant and Coach that helps professionals become more confident leaders & learn to live a balanced life.

I help my clients learn to trust their decision making, develop stronger leadership skills and build the confidence to succeed.

They are in charge of their infinite possibilities! 

Are you looking at professional and personal goals you want to achieve, but need support to get started?

Then its time for you to get empowered with specialized coaching support.


What do you want to achieve? Is it:


  • To have the confidence and become the leader, you always wanted to be.

  • To get the promotion and advance in your career.

  • To build your business from entrepreneurship to hiring a small team – and manage it confidently.

  • To trust your intuition and achieve all of that and more.

  • Crafting your vision and clarifying the best strategy to successfully accomplish that can require support.

Ways we can work together

Intuitive Executive coaching

Individual Executive Coaching

Individual Executive coaching support for professionals helping them realize their fullest potential. Coaching support can be from working on your leadership and confidence skills and goals to finding your career aspirations.

executive coaching consultant

Executive Consulting

As an Executive Consultant for you and your team, I provide you with personally designed long term support.  You and your team are given the tools and guidance in performance, structure and goals tailored specifically to your needs.

Client Testimonials 

Over the years, Veronica has worked with me as an executive consultant in many of my commercial projects.

Her company’s dedication and work impressed me, that is why I have continued to seek her services.
Thanks Veronica, you’re the best.

Jaime Sanchez

Designs For YOU Co.

We worked with Veronica as an Executive Consultant and WOW, it was such a joy to work with her and she kept on top of everything I needed.  I am so thankful for the help in coaching me and hiring my team.  It has made it so easy to work with while I’m living in Mexico and my team is across the US and Asia.

Debra Navarro

Navarro Accountancy

I’ve been working with Veronica for a few months coaching and its been a fantastic change in my career. Her demeanor is calm and comforting and its been a game changer for me!

I’m now working on putting together a team and we are working on my new goals. Can’t wait!

Renee Long