Privacy Policy 

Welcome to  Your privacy is extremely important to me.  Because of that, the following outlines my privacy policy while you access my website. 

When you visit, Veronica Larios Consulting will learn information call “cookies”, like the cookies collected by other websites. These cookies can include the following: 

  • Date and time visited. 
  • Pages you viewed. 
  • Time you spent at my website 
  • IP Address (collected by your web server, not me) 

If you choose to interact with me through email, I may retain the content of your email messages.  Please know that I provide the same protection for these electronic communications that I use in the maintenance of information received online.  This also applies when you choose to sign-up to my mailing list and make a session purchase. 

If you opt to receive any free resources, participate in any free training programs, or purchase any product from me I will automatically enroll you to my free mailing list.  Please know that if you wish to stop receiving emails from me you are free to unsubscribe anytime. I provide you with an “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of all emails.  You can always contact me directly via the contact form if you have unsubscribe issues. 

Please know that Veronica Larios Co. does not obtain personally-identifying information about you when you visit the website, unless you voluntarily chose to provide that information to me. I will also not sell, transfer or provide any personal information to any unaffiliated third parties without your approval, or if I am legally required to do so. 

 My email policy 

I keep your email addresses confidential.  I do not sell any list information to anyone and do not provide personal information to anyone, unless I am required to do so under the law. 

Veronica Larios Consulting reserves the right at its sole discretion to make any changes, additions, and deletions to the privacy policy in 

As email and contact forms are not a secure form of communication please do not send any sensitive information via email. Doing so you are sending the information at your own risk. 

Use of customer testimonies  

Testimonials that are on this website were received via audio or text.  They are individual experiences from my clients that have used my services in some way.  Please note that as they are individual results, each result does vary.  I have not claimed they are typical results as every client is different. 

The testimonial was displayed verbatim and and I provide it to share a few experiences.  As I strive to protect my client’s privacy some of their personal information is not listed on the website per their request. 

Veronica Larios Consulting reserves the right at its sole discretion to make any changes, additions, and deletions to the terms and conditions and privacy policy in 

Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Veronica Larios Co.

P.O. Box 1456 Monrovia  CA 91016 

Effective date of current Terms:  April 1, 2018.