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How to Identify & start addressing high-functioning stress

High-Functioning stress is a very common occurrence for many of us. Ever caught yourself wondering if you're the only one who looks like they've got it all together but feels like its autopilot...
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Fostering Autonomy and Adaptability in 5 Steps

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, fostering autonomy and adaptability in leadership is crucial for shaping an organization's culture and driving its success. Recent research...
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Mastering Setting Strategic Goals: A Guide for Entrepreneurs

Ever wondered why setting strategic goals often feels overwhelming? I know, I know - some of you might be rolling your eyes at the thought of long-term planning or New Year's resolutions we all...

5 Steps to subtract to get your time back (and why!)

In the quest to get more time many service-based small business owners find themselves inadvertently adding more to their already packed schedules. It's a common misconception that more tasks equal...

Why being too dependable at work can be unhealthy

Being too dependable at work can be unhealthy.  We see “being dependable” in job descriptions, resumes, in the way we describe the overworking dependable team members. For workplaces, having a team...
executive coaching consultant

5 Steps to creating a welcoming team environment

Creating a  welcoming team environment that we look forward to daily is ideal, right?   If you are a new to managing a team looking to hire your first team member, creating a welcoming environment...

7 Questions to ask about stress in your workplace

Stress in the workplace is not just an individual problem. It is a workplace problem. Stress and burnout can trigger a downhill turn for the employee and organization. This is especially critical...

Use Systems to run your business like a well oiled machine

So let me ask you a question, if you wanted to take a vacation today, no work at all, would your business run without you and be in better shape than when you left? If the answer is no, your...

How to Start organizing your team today

Recently a client needed to start organizing his team. Like many service small businesses he needed to have a reliable approach that they can use simply organizing the team every day. They needed to...

Why you need onboarding in your business today

Onboarding is an important part of the hiring process for businesses.  If you have had a job, you have experienced a part of what onboarding is.  When we are first hired, we are so excited to have...