executive coaching program

Business Assessment Support Package

What You Get:

 This package offers a thorough evaluation of your business’s core areas, pinpointing opportunities for improvement and strategic growth.

  • Purpose: Delve into the intricacies of your business during this session, where we explore and understand the nuances of your operations, challenges, and goals.
  • Approach: Tailored questioning and expert analysis to uncover hidden opportunities and areas in need of enhancement.

(1) Initial Client Intensive session

(1) Comprehensive Business Analysis Report

    • Coverage: Detailed examination of five critical areas of your business, including operations, finance, market positioning, customer engagement, and growth potential.
    • Outcome: Receive a thorough report that not only highlights strengths and areas for improvement but also provides insights into market trends and competitor analysis.

(1) Strategic Meeting

  • Duration: A dedicated session to discuss the analysis report.
  • Focus: Review the findings, discuss recommendations, and ensure you have a clear understanding of the next steps.
  • Goal: Equip you with actionable strategies and a customized roadmap for business optimization.

Email support in between calls along with a quick check-in follow-up 1 month after.


Investment: $700.00

elevate your wellbeing coaching

Comprehensive Growth & Support Package

  • Duration: 3 months
  • Focus: Ideal for businesses poised for significant growth, seeking to elevate their operations, culture, and team wellbeing simultaneously. This package is designed to harmonize their growth with enhanced wellbeing, a vibrant culture, and operational efficiency.

What You Get:

    • Holistic Business Evaluation & Insight Intensive Session (2 sessions, 90 minutes): A thorough exploration into your business’s performance, culture, and future goals, examining the synergy between operations and team dynamics.
    • Operational Excellence & Culture Transformation Sessions (6 Bi-weekly sessions, 1 hour each): Tailored sessions alternating between strategic operational improvements and cultivating a supportive, high-performing company culture.
    • Support: Continuous message and email support throughout the program for seamless implementation and adjustments.
    • Resources: Access to a curated suite of resources, including templates and guides, to support your culture and operational goals.
    • Deliverables: An in-depth report outlining a customized strategy for operational and cultural enhancement, accompanied by practical tools for implementation.

    YOUR INVESTMENT = $2,600.00

     payment plan is available

    elevate your wellbeing coaching

    Elite Transformation Support Package

    • Duration: 6 months
    • Focus: Tailored for dynamic businesses ready to elevate their journey, this elite package offers a holistic transformation encompassing operational excellence, culture enrichment, and wellbeing enhancement. It’s a client favorite for creating lasting change.

    What You Get:

      • Holistic Business Strategy & Wellbeing Sessions (4 sessions, 90 minutes): A comprehensive session to deep-dive into your business’s ecosystem, assessing its current state, aspirations, and the interconnectedness of operations, culture, and team wellbeing.
      • Bi-weekly Private Coaching Sessions (12 sessions, 1 hour each): Focused on personalized guidance to navigate the intricacies of implementing operational strategies, fostering a positive culture, and enhancing overall team wellbeing.
      • Business Analysis Packages with PDF Analysis Reports (2 reports): Initial and concluding analysis to measure progress, adjust strategies, and ensure alignment with your holistic growth objectives.
      • Ongoing Support: Email and messaging support throughout the engagement for real-time advice and to facilitate smooth implementation.
      • Exclusive Resources: Access to private client template resources, including step-by-step guides and customizable templates, tailored to enhance both your operational efficiency and your team’s wellbeing.
    • Ideal For: Businesses seeking not just to grow but to transform, prioritizing a harmonious blend of robust operations, a nurturing culture, and the wellbeing of everyone involved.
    • Deliverables: In-depth initial and concluding business evaluation reports, a strategic action plan for holistic business transformation, and a suite of resources for sustained success.


    • Comprehensive Approach: This package is the epitome of a full-spectrum support system, designed to address and synergize the key aspects of your business for a transformative impact.
    • Fractional COO & Wellness Support: Acting as your fractional COO and wellness advocate, we dive deep into the operational, cultural, and wellbeing aspects of your business. This dual approach ensures not only the streamlined efficiency of your operations but also the cultivation of a healthy, thriving workplace environment.

    YOUR INVESTMENT  =  $7,500

    Monthly payment plan is available

    elevate your wellbeing coaching

    Ultimate Transformation Support Package

     Focus: Serving as both your fractional COO and wellness guide, this premium 12-month package is the ultimate investment in your business’s future and your team’s wellbeing. It offers unparalleled, continuous support to achieve and sustain peak operational performance, culture vibrancy, and overall wellbeing.

    What You Get:

    Duration: 12 Months

    Year-Long Fractional COO & Wellness Guidance: Continuous strategic oversight and wellbeing support tailored to your business’s evolving needs, ensuring a thriving, resilient operation.

    In-Depth Kickoff Strategy & Wellbeing Session (1 session, 90 minutes): A comprehensive exploration of your business’s ecosystem, setting the stage for a year of transformation.

    Bi-Weekly Private Coaching and Strategy Sessions (24 sessions, 1 hour each): Ongoing, personalized sessions to navigate challenges, capitalize on opportunities, and ensure alignment with your strategic objectives. Coaching sessions are available to be used for you and/or your team.

    Monthly Business Strategy & Culture Deep Dives (12 sessions, 1.5 hours each): Focused monthly sessions for you and/or your team to refine strategies, enhance culture, and bolster team wellbeing, with actionable insights and adjustments.

    (2) Customized Workshops  or Trainings for your business : Tailored workshop or trainings designed to enhance team skills, culture, and wellbeing, with a few areas to choose from.

    Quarterly Comprehensive Business Analysis with PDF Reports (4 reports): Detailed quarterly reviews to assess progress, recalibrate strategies, and forecast for continuous growth.

    Unlimited Email & Messaging Support: Direct access for guidance, ensuring swift responses to challenges and opportunities.

    Exclusive Access to All Resources: Comprehensive access to every tool, template, and resource available, including new materials developed throughout the year.

    Strategy & Wellbeing Planning: Assistance in planning and executing a  focused strategic plan for wellbeing: wellness program planning, add-on options for coaching benefits for your team.

    Ideal For:

    Businesses seeking a comprehensive, year-long partnership to meticulously guide their growth, operational strategy, and team development.

    Leaders committed to embedding operational excellence and a culture of wellbeing as foundational pillars of their business.

    Organizations looking for a transformative shift that requires sustained, expert oversight, and personalized support.


    • A strategic partnership that goes beyond the traditional scope, integrating the operational acumen of a COO with the holistic perspective of a wellness guide.
    • Tailored strategic, operational, and wellbeing plan with quarterly adjustments to ensure ongoing relevance and effectiveness.
    • A robust framework for sustained growth, culture enhancement, and wellbeing, setting your business up for long-term success.

    This 12-month package positions itself as the most comprehensive, high-touch option, ideal for clients ready to make a significant investment in their business’s and team’s future, seeking not just incremental improvements but a profound, lasting transformation.

    YOUR INVESTMENT = $18,000

    Monthly payment plan is available

    Why settle for just coaching or consulting when you can have both?

    The coaching and consulting programs provide the perfect blend of expert guidance and support –  supporting your business. 

    The programs are customized to meet you where YOU are, whether we adopt a holistic approach, a science-backed coaching approach, or a blend of both.

    Wellness Coaching


    90 Day Intensive coaching support in  your business.
    You receive:

    (2) 90-minute coaching intensive session

    (6) Bi-weekly private coaching  and business strategy sessions

    Email & messaging support

    Private client template resources

    YOUR INVESTMENT = $2,600.00

    Payment plan is available



    elevate your wellbeing coaching

    We work together setting a clear action plan 

    We start with getting to know where you and your business currently are and where you want to be.  We go over your questionnaire, goals and  start the action plan. It’s not just about writing them down; we’ll work together to ensure they reflect what you genuinely want.

    You receive accountability  with support

    We meet via Zoom working on a personalized approach for you. This can mean – everything from the coaching session addressing your aspirations to building the website, services & systems.  Between sessions, we can connect via email and messaging for  feedback & accountability support during the week via messaging, Slack or email.

    Templates and Workbook resources 

    You have private access to client content with workbooks, resource information, templates and additional customized templates specifically curated to help you throughout  the program.

    A little love from Clients

    The intuition to know what what serving me and what wasn’t was right in front of me all along.  Vee helped me see that I was not serving my clients, or myself by holding back on my true purpose.


    Creative, Photographer

    The discretion and professionalism given was superb. In an industry where intuition and coaching is not always seen as a direction for support, having Veronica not only be a supportive guide during my career transition but one that provided full anonymity and discretion is unheard of in my circles.


    CMO, Mfg Company

    Veronica helped me focus on the skills and actions I needed to take to get to the next level. I had the answers all along!  I just had to recognize them and set those boundaries to take the time to get it done.

    Lou P.

    Director, Software Engineer Co.

    Working with Veronica has been amazing for me. She never judged me or made me feel that my goals were too big. She listened and was extremely supportive. I would recommend her to anyone that is looking to work with a supportive and understanding individual.

    Without her support and motivation, I wouldn’t have been able to finish my first project. I will definitely be working with her in my future projects.

    Ell Groves


    Veronica has helped me increase my capacity to advance as a leader. Working together we made a road map as I was looking for to get to the next level.

    The no nonsense accountability through this process assisted me in getting out of my own way and getting it all done.

    A. Celeste

    We worked with Veronica as an Executive Consultant and WOW, it was such a joy to work with her and she kept on top of everything I needed.  I am so thankful for the help in coaching me and hiring my team.  It has made it so easy to work with while I’m living in Mexico and my team is across the US and Asia.

    Debra Navarro

    Navarro Accountancy

    With Veronica as my coach I was able to clearly see what unrealistic expectations were and how they had been my worst enemy.  My days were filled with overdoing it, overcommitting professionally and personally and burning myself out. I started perceiving things differently, say yes when I wanted and a firm no when I didn’t.

    I’ve reached new levels!

    Pam Amara


    We worked with Veronica as an Executive Consultant and WOW, it was such a joy to work with her and she kept on top of everything I needed.  I am so thankful for the help in coaching me and hiring my team.  It has made it so easy to work with while I’m living in Mexico and my team is across the US and Asia.

    Debra Navarro

    Navarro Accountancy

    I needed a change but had had no clue where to start or begin. Veronica helped me kickstart my life.

    This year, I left my corporate job and I finally have time to do the sabbatical year I dreamed about for so long.

    Charlie W.

    I’ve hired Veronica for a few months for coaching and its been a fantastic change in my career. Her demeanor is calm and comforting and its been a game changer for me!

    I’m now working on putting together a team and we are working on my new goals. Can’t wait!

    Renee Long

    I found it hard to ask for help, the thought of it made me nervous. Then, I crossed paths with Veronica.
    As a single mom I’m used to handling everything by myself – in my business too. She showed me the true value of my time and resources I was overlooking. I decided to invest in her coaching, it was worth every penny!
    Now, I have the best assistant and a system. I just hired a tutor to help with more students and a new service.
    Best of all I have more time with my little ones. Don’t go the DIY route – just do it, I highly recommend Veronica!
    Angie P., Tutoring Business Owner