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Identify the strategy and steps needed to make an impact on your business, yourself and your team.



There comes a time when you find yourself at a crossroads, seeking personal and professional growth to become the leader you are meant to be.


I’ve working with small businesses and professionals, supporting them for almost 20 years now, and I’d love to help you achieve those results too.

Consultation Support

Consultation Services are for ..

The small business owner or professional that is ready to scale but don’t know where to begin.

You may be ready to build a team or have a small team (under 5 team members).

You may need help to get started with a blueprint of where you currently are and where you can be.

A professional that needs support in addressing team challenges and issues that your small team is facing.

Your team may have communication challenges, moral issues, bottlenecks in your system.

There may be issues while working remote, or roles and responsibilities may need to be restructured.

What’s included:

We begin by exploring and understanding every aspect of your business – operations, finance,- most importantly your role and your team.

Addressing and diagnosing the unhealthy dynamics that are happening, to see where we can start the positive change.  Once diagnosed some of the areas addressed:

  • We can coach and mentor you and your team.
  • You can have a positive team environment.
  • Have defined a company culture and mission goals that the whole team understands.
  • The systems and process can be improved, improving overall moral.

Pricing and turnaround time are based on the complexity of your business.
Consultations are customized for your business along with the training formats and time frame.

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Individual Coaching Support

Who’s this for:

A professional that is feeling overwhelmed at leading a team. You don’t have the expertise and experience of working with a team and need coaching support to strengthen your leadership skills and team management.

What’s included:

This tailor-made package helps you build the foundation you want so you are ready to scale with a combination of mindset, strategy, accountability and leadership skills to get it done.

You get the consultation of the business with the coaching support you need- for the customized time you need.

Some of the areas we discuss:

  • Leading others – Delegating, Managing and Supporting
  • Creating the work culture, you want in your small team
  • Addressing fears and learning to embrace your gifts and find the leader within
  • Understand what is important for you now and to build for the future

Multi-session coaching packages start at $600, based on the level of support you need. Payment plans are available. 

All consultations, sessions and trainings are currently being completed 100% online at this time. 

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