These exercises and freebies are here to support you during the coaching program.  Feel free to try any of them anytime and we can discuss them in the next session.

Goals & Habits

Daily Habit Tracker

How do you spend your time during the day?  The only way to truly know is by tracking how you spend each hour.  Use the tracker sheet for 1 week.


Goal Setting Guide

This guide will help organizing your goals, creating smart ones and what is priority.

Intuitive Executive coaching workshops

Smart Goal Planner

Ready to review and do smart goals? Use the planner to help guide you on putting them together.

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Personal SWOT

Like a business SWOT, a personal SWOT helps us analyze on a personal level to recognize our unique skills, strengths & talents.




The following exercises are ideal to be discussed in session.

Try them out and bring them to the next coaching session!

Dream Bucket

Let’s dream for a few minutes.  This exercise will help you with visioning what’s possible. 


New Idea Brainstorm

This is a great way to write down an idea and why it may be interesting. 

There is no pressure with this exercise, it is just to write down something that looks interesting.

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What is your Fear?

What is your biggest fear? This exercise will help you see what you are afraid of, and can help see what is holding you back.  

Coaching Support

Fact Checking Exercise

Not every thought is a fact. This exercise will help give you a little insight on how how see certain statements. 

Mindfulness & Empowerment

The following are for you to do anytime to support you in your journey.


Affirmations help us with building our self-esteem and setting goals. 

Use these to help support your daily practice of self-development. 


Mandal Coloring Pages

Why coloring? Coloring helps relax us when we feel anxious.  Use these anytime to just focus and need a moment to de-stress. 

What do you Enjoy?

This is a quick Journal prompt to jot down what you enjoy doing and why.